Can I learn painting online? – Online Art Classes For Kids

To learn how to paint, visit our Painting Resources page.

Q. How many colors can I paint on a poster?

A. There is no limit on how many different paint colors that you can paint on a poster. However, the maximum number of paint colors shown on a poster is 10 colors. When a poster is created the top part of the poster can only be painted in green. The bottom part can only be painted in red.

Q. Did you ever want to sell me painting paper from your workshop? That never happened.

A. No, we do not sell painting paper. We only offer free classes. If you would like to purchase paper for your projects please contact us using the Contact Us form on this website.

Q. What materials are used to make your poster art?

A. We use acrylic paints and acrylic paints-free acrylic paints-inks and watercolors.

Q. Do I have any questions to help clarify something in your class?

A. The best way to help clarify your class questions is to ask us a question in the Contact Us form.

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Can I learn painting online? – Online Art Classes For Kids
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