Can I learn painting online? – Free Online Art Lessons Homeschool Reviews

Yes. The Creative Academy allows you to start any subject, get paid for just one photo, and learn the basics of painting. The only requirement is a strong desire to take part. You can get started right now by taking our 3 Day 3-Part MasterClass.

Are there any restrictions on what subjects I can paint?!

If your idea of “art” is any good, we’ll support it. That means you’re free to make it as real as you want. But don’t paint anything you would find offensive, unless you feel you have that kind of freedom. You don’t have to create a picture of a cow and sell it for hundreds of dollars (unless you’re an insane artist) or sell an image you want to hang on your wall (unless you’re an illegal troll). In addition, you can’t use any copyrighted images, photographs or films. There are restrictions on certain items, such as not taking pictures of real people if you need to protect your privacy.

How much does it cost to join & apply on the Creative Academy?

Beyond the Stick Figure Complete Drawing Course - Beyond ...
$50/month, per user

Can I apply for a position even if I don’t sign up?

Absolutely. You can apply right away, but it takes a fair amount of time (up to 7 days to investigate and to confirm the position that’s available) for us to process your application, to get your file reviewed, and to set up interviews. After the first 24 hours when the application opens, you will no longer be able to apply for any positions.

If you would like to apply while you still get updates, it’ll probably be quicker and easier to wait for your files in the email and then apply directly with your profile.

You can also register on the Creative Academy’s website ( and access the application and interviews.

Do my files get reviewed & applied for on the first day of the class?

No. These files are reviewed through our automated software (which is still under development). When we receive the files we’ll send you (with your password reset) the link to access the review system, which runs automatically and takes a day or so to process.

What is the maximum number of submissions that I can submit if I want to apply at least once?

If you have applied at least once on the Creative Academy we’ll ask you to re-apply at least once per 12 months. If

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Can I learn painting online? – Free Online Art Lessons Homeschool Reviews
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