Can I learn drawing online? – Online Portrait Drawing Classes

Sure, if you’re up for working through tutorials like these tutorials, then yes. If you don’t like looking at things like diagrams or pen and paper and need a computer to help you out with the basics, we offer free online tutorials. However, these tutorials don’t always make use of all of the tools available on your computer. Some of these tutorials are available in high definition and therefore take more time and effort (more effort for more results? Really?). If you want something more on the cheap, just download Photoshop and try drawing something out on paper. Here are some tutorials in high definition:

Can I make the models live? Sure, if you want to see the models as you’re drawing them. These tutorials help with that as well:

Can I learn how to use Adobe Illustrator? Sure, if you want to make a Photoshop comic using your work of art. This tutorial is a bit lengthy, but very complete. If you want to make a comic with just Photoshop alone, then download Photoshop and go to to get started.

Can I learn how to use Microsoft Word? Yeah, of course you can if you want to create Photoshop tutorials. I’m not particularly good at word and drawing, so I used Microsoft Word to make this tutorial.

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Can I learn how to use Photoshop’s undo? Nope! You might have to retype the word and word and then hit rewind to undo each word.

Can I download new features from the Mac App Store? You bet. Here’s a link to download Photoshop 9 and the first Mac app!

Can I get the Mac application already downloaded? No, the Mac App Store only lets you download the Mac application if you have an Apple email account. There’s a link at the top of every page to download the first Mac app if you don’t have an Apple ID yet.

Can I make my own Photoshop comic? Sorry.

Will learning Photoshop work on my PC help me in the real world? You bet. If you’re interested in learning Photoshop online, then you can start learning at these easy beginner tutorials:

How to create a comic from a photograph.

How to make a cartoon from a photo.

How to make a comic from a slide show.

How to make comics from photos.

How to make comics from images.

How to copy and paste an image from Photoshop.

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Can I learn drawing online? – Online Portrait Drawing Classes
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