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How do I start?”

I started school late and was told a lot about how to build muscles in this crazy world, how my body was suppose to produce muscles, but how those muscles had gone to waste! I learned that my parents didn’t help me, I didn’t grow in strength, my body looked bad, my voice wasn’t as strong and had a very thin tone and everything. They told me it was because my body was “too small” and that I was wasting time being the “child” that was supposed to be strong, that I didn’t deserve to be strong! How is being too small supposed to be wrong, you know this is the “American way of thinking” we are to think and believe?

So I became very depressed, so sad and angry at this country and that was the end of me, it was too much to handle! My dad told me that I shouldn’t make a career out of it, or maybe he should get a job and he would teach me how to draw because I could never do it if I didn’t study.

One day I read a book called How to Draw Yourself which told me that I should draw myself not to impress my friends at school (I had friends), but to teach myself and help me to build my own body and become as proud as I can. So I decided to take my body drawing class, and was excited to learn so much new and different techniques as I went through my lessons. I have to admit that I liked the way that it helped me to learn, learn with art, learn with the person that I was and to create my own life. I knew that I shouldn’t just be a person, I had to give myself purpose and be proud about who I am not just that way, it didn’t do my body good.

Then during my lessons I got to draw some people who looked like me. So I got to know them better, they had big smiles and their eyes seemed filled with happiness, because I drew them well. My mother and father saw my success and praised me, saying that I couldn’t have done that if I only had drawn pictures or pictures on paper. And I realized how sad my father and mother sounded, and a lot of other things happened throughout that day, but that’s something for another time!

So, one day I decided to draw the most famous male artists because they were the ones that had a lot of success, and they had huge bodies and big muscles!

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Can I learn drawing online? – Artyfactory Portraits
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