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Yes, drawing is a universal language, and each individual can learn it easily. The difficulty of learning drawing comes from the human and animal anatomy, especially the shape and size of people’s faces. The more you practice drawing the better you will become.

You will know how to draw a lot faster if you practice it for a long period. And if you are not drawing, no one can see you.

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I would never call myself a “gouge.” But I’ll tell you this, if my wife called me so-and-so, she’d be the worst customer ever!

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Gouge, like the title suggests, is a term used on the Internet to describe the act of paying for a stranger’s Internet time.

While some may see douchebags as just a random occurrence that should be left alone or have a positive connotation to them, many people associate douchebaggery with sexism, racism, homophobia, and the like.


So this Friday, you’re probably wondering, why do so many douchebags, women in particular, pay for someone else’s Internet time?

The answer is…

We Are Being Misogynistic

Dudes: We know you’re mad at us as an online community! You’re also mad at us all the time — why would you pay for someone else’s time over yours? You have a right to have your own time, but you’re not entitled to someone else’s, either. You can pay for it.


It’s that simple. And to those of you who think you’re immune to misogynistic online behavior — you’re not. In fact, you’re just as misogynistic online as when you’re on the street.

So why do women choose to pay for someone else’s time?

Women pay for sex because we don’t have it all, and we pay for sex because we aren’t always in control of it. That’s the real reason. We could control how much we pay for it, and make sure that we don’t waste the money—we can control whether or not a man decides to pay for it.


But as we all know, there are plenty of douchebags on

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Can Drawing be learned? – Art Lessons Online For Kids Free
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