Are artists brains different? – Online Art Lessons For Middle School

I guess so. Artists, more than other people, are very likely to be neurotic. A psychologist named James Fowler recently conducted a study where people watched clips from cartoons and music. All the clips were done by artists and were rated as being either highly creative or highly artistic. Then Fowler asked people to judge these artists. The results were interesting. People tend to judge high creative people as more competent and less neurotic than they are. That makes sense. If you like one cartoon, you’ll like another. But the opposite was true for the people who saw the high creative people as having a less neurotic and more gifted personality.

Do artists’ minds vary with age?

This has been well researched – they tend to be more creative as adults than as young adults. That may be due to the fact that some of the key ways in which artists engage with the world is through the development of new cognitive skills. When you’re very young, you’re not as good at using a computer, writing code, or drawing pictures. Those skills help in the later stages of life in getting the skills learned. So you may be very good at drawing, but you never learn how to write code or to draw on paper, and those skills get passed down to you.

How does creativity develop for artists?

There are two primary ways that creativity starts. There are studies where you make paintings using chemicals that give it a certain chemical structure. Then the next stage is when people see their own creation before them as a form of art. Another type of creativity is the drawing of complex forms and diagrams. That’s often found in artists who have trained their minds. The second one is the creation of images that are really great.

How can artists use their creativity to solve problems?

When artists do things wrong they are not simply being bad at painting, but they’re being bad at creativity. You can’t go out to the movies and just draw terrible scenes that don’t tell a good story. Instead you need to think in terms of a story instead of just drawing bad images. You need to think in terms of how you would put the whole thing together to make that good. It’s an enormous amount of work.

Does it take a lot of energy to paint a good figure or a good background?

Yes. You need lots of energy to make one work. You can’t live comfortably with a single-use figure or background. You also need to keep some of the work

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Are artists brains different? – Online Art Lessons For Middle School
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