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At a glance, this question is probably not too helpful. What you really want is to find a piece that’s perfect for you, and start practicing. This seems like a simple process, but it’s not.

First, you have to remember that there’s no magic number that dictates the perfect piece for you. In fact, your piano sounds different depending on the style of work that you’re practicing at the moment, and the rest of life as well. Learning music with a certain style is your best chance of truly making sense of all the different sounds you hear. However even when you go to a concert with a certain style of music on the piano, you can easily feel confused when you realize you didn’t get to hear it the way you thought it should sound.

It’s hard for me to imagine that you would learn the same music again, and I guess you could say that your learning progress is the same, since you’ve just had a change in style. This is one of the most challenging aspects of learning any skill, but it’s one where if you’re disciplined and work consistently you can create a really solid foundation for your new skill.

If music sounds pretty challenging and you’re curious to try out the practice of piano, I recommend trying out all the piano scales and tablatures that you can find. Start with the easy scales until you find what you’re comfortable with. This may take some time, but it will be worth it and you’ll be able to hear your new skills before you know it. Here are some more resources:

Once you get all of these scales or tablatures, it’s time to move into the harder scales, because if you’re not familiar enough with them to really understand how to play the music, it’s hard to learn the new ideas in those scales (especially chords/riffs). It’s best to get comfortable with easy songs first before learning harder one, and then maybe you can start moving into the later scale types (that isn’t too difficult!) When you get used to the scales, you may begin to realize that you’ve got everything here. All that’s left is practice (or the right to practice if you have one.)

So, how do I know if a scale is easy or difficult for me?

This question is really tough, since not all scale changes are easier for you. There are two ways to break down any scale into its component parts: if it starts with only four notes, then you have the

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What should I learn first on piano? – How To Teach Yourself Piano Reddit
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