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The interior of the piano was designed to simulate a real piano, which is made of wood, resin and other components. It is designed for both left hand and right hand piano players so you can play together with either hand, but without the risk of breaking the instrument.

What are you trying to say with my sound?

The sound we are creating is inspired by all sorts of music, particularly from the world of video game music. Many of our sound designs come from original musical tracks, and some are inspired by films like The Dark Knight and Metal Gear Solid, to name a few.

Do you play any video games?

Yes! We have some favorites in our game library:

Call of Duty


The Elder Scrolls III


The Legend of Zelda

What made you want to design an arcade cabinet?

When first playing video games, most people have trouble understanding what to do from a first-person perspective. I wanted my players to be able to fully immerse themselves in any game within 10 seconds of first starting the game. I believe video games have made an impact on society around the world and I wanted to give kids the opportunity to experience that world from the earliest stages of learning. I really like games with a large number of possibilities, so it made sense for me to design an arcade cabinet that could accommodate the largest number of players possible.

So why did you choose to design an arcade cabinet?

When I was first looking at ways to improve my game collection and create a place for my personal experience, I thought about ways in which I could create an arcade that was not only functional, but also a place that my kids could experience. It was also interesting that I had already been designing arcade cabinets for my own kids! My kids were already enjoying playing games, so if I could create a place that was similar to the arcade they experienced, that would be pretty cool. I also found that a home theater setup would have been very convenient. I was able to use a projector, large screen TV and sound system to maximize my home theater experience. With all of these factors, I was able to envision a home theater that I wanted my kids to experience, and it wasn’t too hard to come up with what I was ultimately calling an “arcade” cabinet.

Who is the person?

My current name is Josh, although my parents still call me Mr. I. There are three of

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What is inside a piano? – Learn Piano Free Course
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