What is a good age to learn piano? – Learning Piano Notes For Beginners

I can’t possibly say. But I would say that it is not necessary to train as a beginner to be able to play piano at a very high level. If you take piano lessons as a very serious activity like that, you will not be able to perform very well while training. This is the case for all children and for many adults. As a result, the “average” age to begin piano training is just the age of 10 years and 3 months (for all countries). But this is only a very small percentage of the number of children, as for example in Russia a very high proportion of children cannot play piano at the high level, because they cannot learn it from the age of 5 years. I would say that you only need to start the piano lessons around 9 months. When I say “around,” I mean about 1 year to become able to play a musical scale with good technique. It will not take long. For an intermediate level, you must take up piano lessons around 9 months and a little longer (6-8 months). From there, you can play many more difficult scales and scales that involve very precise fingerings. Also, as soon as you start to play piano, you will begin to feel that you have learned many important piano principles. But at this point nothing can be done for certain, since what you will have learned before is still insufficient; the only way to do it is to continue playing on the piano as it develops. This is the reason that the “average” age to begin piano learning is roughly 1 year, although for students under the age of 4 who are attending piano classes, “the average” age is even lower. So don’t forget that at this stage you are already much closer to real expertise. After all, you are quite far from learning every part of the piano, even less the rudiments: for example, the most important things – for example, when and how to move hands, what key to play in and how to play chords. Even in advanced lessons, some things will remain to be mastered; the most important ones include: hand coordination (which is not always taught in this form; for example, some children simply play one finger when they move the hand from side to side; if you are a beginner this will be obvious; if you are not, then this is much more difficult and requires much practice)

Breathing-control or rhythm

Contrasting fingerings

Musical scale

Interval sequencing (I/II/III,

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What is a good age to learn piano? – Learning Piano Notes For Beginners
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