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You will definitely need an advanced level of study in order to have an adequate understanding of piano.

This is especially true if your aim is to play for a living.

However, I believe that anyone young enough and motivated enough will get the hang of piano very quickly.

It only takes a few months of learning and practice before you’re good enough at the piano to start earning a proper living.

The best advice I can give to everyone who wants to start learning piano is to start as early as possible.

You will need to be in a relatively young age to get your first real taste of the piano.

In my opinion, for someone in their twenties – thirties – there is no excuse to not learn the piano in their early twenties.

It’s best to start learning piano at about the age of sixteen.

This period of time gives you the time to develop the proper understanding of the piano and how different keys operate.

This will give you plenty of time to figure out which fingering scheme best suits the keys that you need to use.

In my experience, the people who do not start on their first piano before about the age of sixteen will not develop proper technique as they age and are prone to injury.

If you are about to start school you must have access to a piano, or a good place to practise, before you go to school.

In many schools, students are given two or more different pianos for the first two years of school, as most teachers don’t have any practice piano – and are happy to leave their students hanging at it.

This will result in a slow build up of muscle memory and will leave a very young student with absolutely no knowledge of a piano.

They will therefore, be unlikely to develop proper technique by the time they reach school.

What should you study before learning a piano?

You may have read our book “How to Start Music” and have decided that you want to take piano lessons.

This might be a good start, but it is not a plan of action that will guarantee success with piano.

For this reason, we have prepared a list of things that will help you on your way to learning piano.

These are things which will not only increase your motivation to learn the piano, but will also help you build a strong, natural approach to piano teaching and learning.

If you have no interest in piano

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What is a good age to learn piano? – Games To Learn Piano Notes
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