What instrument should I choose to learn? – Learn Piano Online Quora

I would say you should look for a violin or maybe a lute. You can use your imagination to create a variety of instruments.

What do you look forward to the most when you learn a new language? After just learning a new language, I definitely found a different way to focus on everything in my life. It’s very refreshing for me.

Is it too early or do you have a hard time getting used to life living in your new country? I think the language should be a major priority because the first week is really interesting. You do not really understand anything unless you try to express that. It’s very hard to get used to this new environment. People have a tendency to think that they are comfortable with the local culture because they’ve lived there for so long.

What is your biggest fear after learning a new language? The language must be as difficult as possible for learners to get used to.

What surprised you the most while teaching in your new country? As I’ve learned German, it has helped me to be more aware of the culture, customs and traditions of the people. In Germany, we are much more relaxed. The people do not have much of an idea how we live.

What was the hardest part about teaching in your new country? I had to teach as my parents did not have the money for a German teacher and the children are from very poor families. They needed an extra help to pay my rent, food and education costs. The whole family is very thankful for the new language school with all that I do for their education.

What advice would you give to people that come to work for you? To be patient and understand that people have a lot of difficulties. There are many people who can’t speak English at all. As long as they have patience and the will to learn, many people can learn languages.

What is the best and worst thing about teaching in your new country? The best thing is that I have so many friends in this new country because this gives me the opportunity to see them everyday. The worst is that I have to deal with some bad people. We live in a small town so we do not have a single bad person walking up to us and talking nonsense. Also they are extremely rude and it is not easy to deal with them and explain the difference in cultures. I just have to be more attentive to people and be more observant.

What was your most interesting discovery before you were able to teach your last class

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What instrument should I choose to learn? – Learn Piano Online Quora
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