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Some children are at a real disadvantage when it comes to learning to play piano. It’s important for a child to play at a high level in order to develop muscle memory and fine tune an instrument. However, many experts recommend starting at a very young age (as young as 3) to get up to speed. Learning to play an instrument at a younger age will allow all children to improve their skills. It is also better for your child to have fun and be able to interact with others.
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There are two major periods for starting lessons, so how will you explain to your child that they need to go for an instrumental lesson?

For children under 3, the age of learning to play should be at least two hours each day, and they should be allowed an occasional hour’s break. For children 3 or over, this would be three hours a day, with an occasional hour’s break. If you are concerned about your child’s health when they go with the piano lessons, the number of lessons could be reduced to one or two lessons per week, instead of three or six.

Will you introduce different ways to play the piano such as “on the beat” or “free hands”?

Many parents are concerned about learning to play for music that is too fast and/or too intense. Some families have also heard that children should play for an additional time each day to get used to playing. This can lead to difficulties, as the child’s focus shifts into focusing on the piano and not other noises around them.

Many parents also say that many children who have the right skills can play at the piano too fast and too aggressively, which results in their teacher being uncomfortable when teaching. Children need to listen to their teacher when they are playing as they will need to be able to concentrate and work at their skill level even when the teacher is not performing or working on the piano. As you prepare the home according to the advice above, you will be able to give it the same attention and support as you do for the piano’s performance.

Do I need to buy an instrument?

There is no need to buy an instrument for children before 5. However, for adults 4 – 14, there is a very small risk from playing too many notes at the same time, which is known as the “high school problem”. Some experts suggest avoiding this when teaching.

The best thing is to provide a very comfortable music room within your home. The room should be small, but spacious enough so

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What age is best to start piano lessons? – Notes Keyboard
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