What age is best to start piano lessons? – Best Apps To Learn Piano Free

It’s not about time. It’s about attitude. There’s no such thing as too old a child, no such thing as too young a child. If I am starting the piano lessons, it’s the time I will have with my father. If I haven’t got enough time, I will start when my father is sitting. That way, maybe my mother will stay in bed all the time like the old days.

Do you have any bad habits growing up? I liked to read too much. I read everything. I read everything in my mind. Like for example, the Bible was my favourite book: Genesis, Romans, Matthew, Luke, John, Paul. Every single book of the Bible. Like what is the last chapter of Matthew? The end of John. The last chapter in Genesis. It was wonderful to hear those stories. As I grew up, I would put in my earpiece and listen to it.

Do you have any children other than your son? My grandson is a very intelligent boy. I love to read with him. I don’t want to send him to a boarding school and force him to play football. I want him to have an education of his heart.

Is there any music to play in the background? Yes. I don’t have any music for you.

Do you have a favourite piano teacher? There isn’t such a favorite piano teacher. I could have a friend in the world who taught me.

I love to sing my music to children, but I don’t like to sing that it’s for their benefit. To speak about the truth.

You have said you are a vegetarian and you cook only a little. Is that because you’re overweight? Yes, I’ve chosen vegetarianism because I love vegetables. I’m a vegetarian.

I don’t use any kind of drugs or tobacco.

Why do you want to be a celebrity? I love that all of my songs are sung, sung, sung… I’m a musician first. People come up to me: What do you want to do next? I like my job. I like doing it as long as I can get away from my music.

How do you decide what to read and what to watch? Sometimes, I read fiction. I read one book by the Greek writer Poul Anderson and the story is about two girls in the suburbs who fall in love. I read and laugh.

Do you watch sports? Yes, I do. We

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What age is best to start piano lessons? – Best Apps To Learn Piano Free
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