Should you learn piano or guitar first? – Flowkey Piano Compatibility

If you can play an instrument first: Guitar and piano, no problem. But the guitar and guitar instructor is a lot smarter than me. I think there’s a reason why the piano teacher is the best in the industry.

There will be plenty of piano lessons when you’re ready, right?

Yes! And if you pick a piano teacher, you won’t ever be bored. A musician has to be patient. If you play a piano for two years, at least one week is for learning the scales.

Do you have any rules about how long you should practice between lessons?

Practice for 8-12 hours a day. If you play for a long time, you will lose the habit.

Wouldn’t you rather learn a piece you have practice for, than not practice at all?

Well, I guess that’s probably the case. With everything on the internet, you’d have to think about your playing.

“Forget about the music, forget about what’s in the notes – that’ll never be fun or interesting.”

Your book comes out on July 28, but you’re currently on tour. What are you working on for next year?

Next year is a lot of working on what to write and to do for live show. I will start on the writing for the next year, at least one song or two that I’d like to make. But for now, I have not chosen my next year yet.

How about writing a book about your experiences as a musician? Any particular areas of interest you’d like to cover?

That’s one area I think I’d like to cover. I’m just curious to get something out of it. One more time: it’s not a question.

Interview conducted by Alexander Ochs

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Should you learn piano or guitar first? – Flowkey Piano Compatibility
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