Should I get a 61 or 88 key keyboard? – Best App To Learn Piano For Free

Yes it is best to go with one of these, however you have no control over which keyboard you get:

There is no reason why 60% is not a good number to start with.

I have all these keys I want to type in, now what?

Well you can type it. The problem you would be facing if you go with the 61 key is that you would have to type it from a different angle than it is normally done. A better keyboard will make this easier, it has the same height, same height range, same length, same number of keys and will just be made from a smooth rubber.

You should start typing on a mechanical keyboard, not a fancy hybrid. A hybrid keyboard may be much less precise, but it is not a mechanical keyboard. There are some hybrid keyboards that seem to work fine and a few in between that have issues however they usually come with a price tag of around $300-400, it is best to just experiment and see what works for you and you have a choice of these if you have a choice of budget.
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For more information, checkout this great article we did on the differences:

When Should You Buy a Mechanical Keyboard?

Now you have an idea of what you need, what are some of the key differences between them? As far as the mechanical keyboard goes, they do not have any extra features like macros, macro banks or key switches. Everything is handled by the software of the respective manufacturer. Here is how to get a mechanical keyboard:

Get a Key Switch For $150

If you want to use your own key switch you will be lucky to get a different key switch than the one you need for the keyboard. We have reviewed some key switches, if you can’t find what you need for the keyboard, please check out our Key switches page

If you already got a keyboard, you can go with Cherry MX Blue, Black, Brown, Cherry MX White, Red, Silver or Black; just make sure to change the key switch, the other keyboard manufacturers will not allow this. There are some models that have the same key switch however you should check their page to see what the differences are and be on the safe side.

Get a Key Switch For $100

Most people do not need to pay full market price for the key switch; but there are certain keys that require some extra functionality without a key switch. These are the common keys: Space, arrow, Enter

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Should I get a 61 or 88 key keyboard? – Best App To Learn Piano For Free
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