Is piano the hardest instrument? – Learn To Play Piano Free Online

If you’re like me, that question is the most important and the most difficult one because:

I want to sound good, and I want to be successful, but I don’t care what my instrument is. I just want it to sound good. That’s my point of view.

You can read more about this in my video ‘5 reasons why piano is hard to master’.

But here is what I learned for my piano player:

It’s hard to read music, because it takes me time to figure out the melody line without the piano. You have to be patient, because you may need to go away and listen to something else when you arrive at your goal. You also have to find a quiet place which is easy going, since sometimes you may need to play an intense piece, or when you’re not satisfied enough with the music. You might need to practice when the keys are on a lower pitch to reach your optimal sound. And when the keys are on a higher pitch, you have to find a quiet place where you can play without too many distractions (which can be difficult to find). If you are the type that does not have any distractions, you are more than ready to practice every day, without any problems.

What’s the one piece or music technique that you can master without piano?

It goes without saying that piano is a great tool for musical improvisation. When you play “Lemon Jelly”, you’re always searching the keyboard, but when you play “Take Five”, you are not thinking of anything that will make you sound your best. It’s not in the vocabulary of the music to say: “let’s put an 8th note or 2nd degree and this will give us that 8th note that you need”. You will need to find a rhythm and you need to practice your “guitar” technique to develop one of three types of sounds:

You can practice “take five” in the piano, and when you’re satisfied with the result, move on to “Lemon Jelly” and “Take Five”.

You can be a little bit more adventurous, and practice “take five in the piano” but also in the digital recorder, and move on to “Take Five”.

You can make a musical discovery by combining a number of different techniques and playing “Take Five” from various locations around the keyboard. This way of working doesn’t lead to any problem, it helps you get more practice.


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Is piano the hardest instrument? – Learn To Play Piano Free Online
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