Is piano the hardest instrument? – Free Learn Piano App Kids Parental Control

What is your greatest piano memory and how did that happen?

Songs that I like: “I Am What I Am” by Michael Jackson, “I Feel Love” by Sting, “Journey to the Edge” by David Bowie, “L.A. Woman” by Michael Buble, “Habits & Contradictions” by Joan Jett.

What makes you feel nervous (and how do you minimize it)?

I feel pretty secure about my performance at these awards. I like doing these things because you can be yourself and not have to worry about getting judged. (laughs)

What do you feel is the most difficult part of playing an instrument?

Singing isn’t necessarily difficult; it’s just different. Singing is different from playing piano. We have to write in a very different way to hear the music. We have to take it into our brains, but singing is what makes us feel a little more human than other instruments. I feel like my instrument is also the hardest instrument to play because you are so involved in it. When you have to sing you want it to be natural and beautiful. I’d probably say it’s also the most difficult part that you learn how to cope with; you don’t want to be overly nervous or in a rush, so you have to take your time and pay attention to what you’re doing.

There’s a lot of information online on how to perform your instrument, how to sing and how to play on piano. How do you think this could affect the world of music if people knew about these things?

I think it will make people want to learn. It’s more popular than ever, especially for female artists. It’s not that women are less talented; there is no evidence against it. It’s that music is always male-dominated for a reason. It’s also important for the people making music not to be so afraid of what other people think, because people have to be able to be themselves if they want to be successful in music. People have to be able to play what they like. The more people that know how to play, the happier you are.

Do you have any advice for all aspiring musicians?

I think you should be able to play whatever instrument you have. If you have been able to enjoy piano, piano playing is probably the hardest thing to learn. I used to say that all I did was sing until I was 22; the other stuff was to get people

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Is piano the hardest instrument? – Free Learn Piano App Kids Parental Control
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