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The answer seems to be yes, but not for the reasons most people think. There are a lot of ways to think and do difficult things with a piano, but I’ve decided to break down my favorites and point you to some helpful resources. Read these articles and learn how to practice, the steps I used, and how to get more out of your practice time.

How to Get Better at Playing Piano

Don’t just listen to good music. Listen to it often…especially early in your teaching career. It pays to listen!

1. Set Goals

It sounds obvious, but it can really help to be persistent and set goals. We tend to think that to learn, we need to start on the easy way first. Don’t be that person. Goals can make or break your career.

2. Learn Rhythm

Practice. It’s really important! Rhythm is the starting point for most of your musical learning. I like trying out various styles of music, but it’s great to try out multiple musical styles at the same time. It may even be easier to try something new each time! Check out this video and see what I mean.

3. Write down your practice schedule

It is much easier to be a consistent practice partner than it is to be an individual. When I got into teaching at a school near where I studied, one of my teachers assigned people to come in once a week for ten minutes to practice with us. I didn’t know anyone in the class so I didn’t understand what that meant, but I was amazed at how efficient everyone was. Then I found out that this is the same basic principle as studying with a good practice partner.

4. Use a Keyboard

I had a keyboard when I was a little kid, but I don’t recommend you use your keyboard or try to copy a song. It will get tedious and will never get you where you want to go with learning. However, there are a variety of keyboards and other tools you can use to learn how to play keys. I used a little electric bass while I made mistakes and had my teacher teach me how to do the basic motions with a mouse.

5. Practice a Lot.

Even if you aren’t in a music program, keep playing! You can’t learn if you only study one track. Try one or two songs from your musical memory, and then work it through with the computer, or practice on a piano for a while.

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Is learning piano easy? – Www.Learnpianoonline.Com
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