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I’m learning to play it now – it’s more of a ‘hands-on’ thing. A lot of it I learned in a class of about 6-9 pianists. There’s a lot of good stuff out there for kids in India: it’s great that there’s a lot of people out there who know their way around these instruments, at least enough to play them.

What are your favourite recordings on record?

The Pink Floyd album in 1974 – that was really good. Some of the stuff by the Beatles is cool: there’s some stuff in that band’s ‘The White Album’. Some of their stuff is great – I like the John Lennon stuff: not his most famous stuff – but he really likes being in the studio and is willing to learn. And there’s a lot of stuff by the Rolling Stones: they were pretty good too. I can’t say enough about the Stones. They’re an exciting band.

How would you describe your musical philosophy?

I just like being in the moment.

What do you do when you get out?
Musicians, Is Your Home Practice Space Holding You Back?

I do try and see what’s around me. And have a cup of tea. I have an office in London called the ‘D’ Room’. I am actually a big fan of the place and it’s fantastic. The walls are made of wood and, as soon as I turn the lights to night, I’m right in the middle of a jazz club. And that’s not a joke. I was there with a friend this week and the next day we were in this jazz club and there was a great jam and we played everything off the top of our heads. And there’s nothing we can’t play – we’ll come up with a bit and, when we try something, it just works. That’s what it’s all about – just being in the moment, enjoying the moment, making the most of life.

Are there any particular albums in particular that you are really into?

Some stuff by the Beatles and some by the Stones. The Stones.

Is there anything you would like to add to the ‘Interview’ article?

I really just enjoy talking to the players and letting the story unfold. I got the pleasure of playing with David Gilmour, who is a really lovely guy – I always say that his singing is as good as any human voice in the world – and Paul McCartney, who he’s so good with. They’ve become really close friends over the

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Is it hard to learn piano? – Learn Piano Software Midi Sound
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