Is it hard to learn piano at an older age? – How To Learn How To Play Piano Online

Bobby: I’m not the best student, but I get better every single time! I love learning piano because it’s a fun challenge. I can also play my other instruments, but I love to learn from piano!

Aidan: I didn’t really think about it before. But as soon as I saw you playing it, I was blown away! I didn’t even know that you could play piano that well. As soon as you’re able to pick out the notes and melodies on there, just listen and you’ll learn.

A former aide to Texas Gov. Rick Perry pleaded guilty Tuesday to violating state campaign finance laws stemming from an investigation into the 2012 election, a plea deal the prosecutors in both the Travis County District Attorney’s Office and the Criminal District Attorney’s Office say represents the biggest political corruption case in Texas history.

“Today’s plea agreement is the first of many that we will press on the case,” Austin U.S. Attorney John Parker said in a statement. “The truth and punishment for the actions of these defendants demonstrate that every single defendant must be prosecuted.”

The investigation into Perry, who was elected governor two years ago and ran for a second term in 2014, began in 2012, when prosecutors learned he had used his top political aides to help fund a failed effort to recall Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. The governor eventually ended up donating the same amount of money to Abbott’s bid as money he’d spent to campaign for Perry.

The prosecution of Perry began even before the 2012 election, as state election records were sought for records that detailed the names of Perry’s “supporters.”

The campaign finance investigation into his aides had been underway for well over three years. But it was not until after the 2014 election that law enforcement officials in Travis County began seeking Perry’s name off the Travis County voter list, according to the case against Jonathan Emmett, who pleaded guilty to a charge related to the investigation.

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Court records said Emmett’s office began seeking Perry’s information in September 2014.

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In a statement, Emmett’s office said they were relieved but not surprised.

“We had always assumed that all the documents that we requested would be provided to us. We are grateful for the willingness of the Travis County District Attorney’s Office to cooperate and for the hard work of the grand jury and the independent auditor,”

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Is it hard to learn piano at an older age? – How To Learn How To Play Piano Online
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