Is 61 keys enough to learn piano? – How To Learn The Piano Fast For Kids

Are you a pianist yourself? If so, do you think that you would still want to become a keyboardist if you were not required to take keyboard classes? If not, did you take yourself out for a lesson because you are too busy to learn chords? If so, do you think your time and money are worth it to pay to play at other people’s music lessons rather than learning to play yourself?

A word on the title. These questions are all pretty similar. People do not really want to become musicians – they want to learn the instrument – so they want to study on their own and get a job. These questions are in themselves an exercise in self-improvement. They challenge you to think critically. They demand that you see things the way they are, rather than the way you would like to see them. They remind you that you have a place in the world which you can do something about. They are not about perfection, although everyone wants perfection. They remind us that while we may want to be perfect, we have ways to improve. The question is not about you, it is about the world.

We can get back to learning piano. The piano is a good instrument, and a very musical one. If you are a piano prodigy, then of course you will be able to play a great number of chords. And if you are not, the piano is an excellent musical instrument. I had the honor of teaching students who got the piano for Christmas and got it for a good reason; those who had the piano for purely artistic purposes would not have gotten it otherwise. The reason that piano and guitar are so good is because they are played for purely musical reasons, and not because of any need (or need) to learn music theory so that they could learn the notes on their instrument.
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We need a better piano and a better guitar because they are played for purely musical reasons.

The goal of this chapter is to try to make the piano and guitar more musical and to help you to get the instrument you want. In addition to encouraging you to think critically, however, we will also ask if those of us who are not keyboardists, but who prefer to use one of other types of playing instruments, should take the piano or other instruments and learn a little. If you are interested in learning any of these instruments, we will guide you through the different ways to learn piano.

There is also an essay that will discuss a little bit more about music theory.


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Is 61 keys enough to learn piano? – How To Learn The Piano Fast For Kids
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