Is 1 hour of guitar practice enough? – Learn Piano App Ios Free

One day my daughter was playing guitar and I asked if she could teach her how. I was trying to do that in the moment, but her ability to play and sing was so incredible that just a few hours of practice was not enough. She had an ability to improvise so well there was no doubt in my mind that I could play anything in a few hours.

So I sat down, went to my computer, and learned how to write the chords. A few ideas, but not enough to start working on my technique. It was not that easy. But every day I worked on my technique and got better.

And finally the day came when I could play my dad’s guitars. I was proud of what my daughter had created and I really wanted her to know that it was possible.

And I was ready to hear it.

That was a very special day, one which made me feel like I’d accomplished something. I started my second album, this one titled “Shadows”.

And for the first time, someone actually listened to this music. Even my wife who was in another room listening said “wow, this is pretty cool.”

It was very emotional and very important to me.

I think about that everyday. And every day I write music to show how much better I am, to motivate myself, to remind myself how far I’ve come after so many years of setbacks. And because they listened and learned more about my music, I feel a greater respect for myself and my abilities.

So, here’s what I think:

What do you think? Why do you want/need to learn guitar? How do you choose the kind of music you want to play?

The first step towards success is believing it.

While every project has its challenges, the next one is even more daunting: the goal.

We do it for all the things that we love, the things that push us to greatness. We do it to bring the world closer together, to give us hope and strength when we feel down. We do it out of love, for the greater good of all life, to spread joy and love, for the greater good of the whole.
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Achievement = Making a bigger world, doing more good, making an impact.

So don’t give up when you feel like you are falling short: don’t ever doubt that you can do more. Believe in yourself and work hard for what you want

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Is 1 hour of guitar practice enough? – Learn Piano App Ios Free
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