How much does a beginner piano cost? – Learn Piano Online Review

A beginner starting out is not likely to spend a lot less than a seasoned veteran piano player.

For $75 to $100, you could buy a great little piano, or, if you’re lucky, find that you can find an already built one that works well.

If you don’t mind buying a smaller, simpler piano, and you don’t feel the need for a larger, more powerful keyboard, starting with a $50 to $70 piano in a starter’s kit will usually get you started right.

At the other end of the scale, you could spend $250 or more on a brand new full-size piano.

When you decide to spend a little, be sure to start small and take lots of lessons.

Here’s a list of the most common beginner piano prices:

For a piano with an acoustic sound board or a wooden sound board:

A piano that has a plastic sound board can be easily restored and used as a small practice instrument for kids (with only a few hours worth of lessons to keep them happy).

You can save over $250 on a piano that’s in good condition, even if the wood has been cracked, the wood has splintered, or a part is missing from the wood board on which it is mounted.

If you can find a new sound board without any damage to it, but the piano still has one piece of plastic (not an acrylic or wood veneer) missing from the sound board, the cost will be significantly less.

A wood frame piano (pre-made pianos without a sound board are quite inexpensive).

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For a piano that has a nylon sound board:

In the case of a piano that has a soundboard without a wooden sound board, you can restore a piano that is in good shape, but is not well-balanced and will not work well in most situations (like kids at practice).

Most piano companies will install custom soundboards (from some brand of wood, plastic or other material) and offer a $200 – $500 solution to keep your investment looking great, but the soundboard may not fit comfortably, and will not work well in most people’s situations.

If your piano is a wooden sound board, a new soundboard with a soundboard without a plastic covering can be easily added for a fraction of the cost.

A piano with a soft case can save well over $200 on a new soundboard.

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How much does a beginner piano cost? – Learn Piano Online Review
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