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“I hope it will be 100 years, 100 million years. In 100 million years I will be dead. That is why I am giving an order to every scientist in the whole world to teach violin. That is the main goal.”

Did you play a violin when you were young?

“I got into playing a violin by accident, by chance because the parents of my friend got together in a band. The parents would sometimes take the basses and strings away from the musicians, but they were really nice men. I remember, I remember listening to a music for an hour straight. If I had tried to study it, it would have been more a hobby then a job. I played violin by accident. I played it because I wanted to play the violin, nothing more. When you are a violin player, you think “why can’t I get a job as a teacher or a conductor in a musical school?”

What did you study in school at that time?
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“I studied piano, composition but I didn’t really get into that.”

What is your musical style?

“I didn’t really care about that. The reason I like violin playing is because it is a natural language. I am still an individual composer. I write music with my own voice. If I want to be a writer I will write a novel and take a class. I don’t feel that, maybe I am an individual composer who is now an individual teacher or perhaps a soloist.”

You played the violin since you were a child?


Where and for how long did you play the violin?

“From my grandfather (in 1874). “There was no such [younger] guitarist.”

What did that mean?

“They didn’t have pianos and so the violin was the only piano left in the family.”

What happened to it?

“I had to buy it at auction.”

Is the violin still in your possession?

“It is. It was bought at Auctioneer’s’ at the end of last year at an estimated price of 2,000,000,000.00 Euro.”

What was the winning bid?

“I would rather not say. It is very, very difficult to explain.”

What did the auctioneer, Mr. H.H. Müller, say about the purchase of the violin?

“A new violin at auction

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How many years will it take to learn violin? – Learning Piano Notes Games Free
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