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We learned to play piano by trying the piano using only our left hand and, for a while, we were fine with that. But after five years in Italy working in the studios, we decided that the best use for our right arm was to use it to write music. We learned to play a lot more in Italy than in America.

How did you start using your right handed piano?

On a recent trip, we were staying in a house where there was a housekeeper. She was a singer, and she would come into the house at noon and sing her set. When she left, we would put our left hand on the piano, and when her set finished, I would play for her.

That is great, but we are not practicing that way now. We just go into a piano and do things. If our teacher says, “Now play something” then they use our left hand, so it looks like we’re playing piano.

I’ll be the first one to admit that this isn’t a question that I ask much, though I did consider the question earlier today and found I was pretty confused here, because I assumed that by ‘naturally’ there must be a different definition of ‘natural’.

It seems to me just as natural to me to have a natural inclination as a child as it is to be a child (I’m not saying there’s something wrong with growing up naturally, I’m saying it’s a choice, not ‘wrong’ or any sort of pathology).

My question is whether, at some point in the past or now, someone could have had the same natural inclination as a living human being, and then have been a man or woman who has chosen to be transgender.

My understanding of it is that it’s not something natural unless someone has had the same inclination in some past life or lived the life a certain way, and you don’t have the same inclination as a living human being until you pass through puberty.

I know nothing about the original, it’s just an interesting tidbit of trivia.

“I’m not going to be a part of that shit.”

~I’m Not a Bitching Girl

~I’m A Woman of Principle

~I Feel Fine

~I Feel Fine (Literal Version)

Timeless Popular Classics: Piano Book
~A Woman of Principle (Literal Version)

~I Feel Fine (Particularly in Public)

~I Feel Fine (Particularly in

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How do you play piano with both hands? – Learn Piano Online Quora
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