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Pianists worldwide have access to a large community on YouTube. If you haven’t already registered YouTube, you can do so at any time. Visit our YouTube page for more information about pianist’s channels.

I’m a member of the US National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS ). Can I learn piano?

NARAS offers free education to piano pros. You do not need to sign up for any kind of membership or dues by the time you begin to study. NARAS members study as an open community, using all online resources at their fingertips to learn, grow and develop their own music. Learn more about joining our community and downloading a free piano teacher’s guide here.

The latest update from Oculus released on Jan 7th was the biggest update to virtual reality since the Rift and Gear VR launched in consumer editions a month ago. This massive update was aimed at increasing the amount of content developers could create for VR.

As a result, with the update and the announcement of The Gallery: Wars Across Time expansion, Oculus’ head of content programming John Carmack has decided to reveal details of The Gallery: Wars Across Time. Not only will the expansion be available for free (and on a monthly basis), but that there are going to be “many more” VR games coming down the road in the form of standalone content releases.

“We are not going to give specifics, but you will find many more updates in the future including lots more content,” Carmack wrote to fans. “We may have a preview for the second of three expansions for The Gallery – WARS IN SPACE”.

Those familiar with recent updates to The Gallery should be familiar with the game; it has always been available in Steam, but the latest update introduces two new worlds to the game.

What’s particularly interesting is that a bunch of free VR content was being released via Steam on Tuesday night – two free missions and an update as the title progresses into the next story episode. This is, needless to say, big news.

And it’s clear that with the huge amount of content Oculus is providing to develop content and keep everyone up to date, a lot more exciting things are possible.

“We have a very interesting and creative team,” Carmack said (via Polygon). “One of their primary goals is to release the best content possible. Since we have had to do some of the heavy lifting, these team members have spent many late nights making the latest update happen

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How can I learn piano for free? – Learn Piano Free Sheet Music.Com
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