Do you need 88 keys to learn piano? – Piano Lessons

Here’s what you need in order to learn piano in 88 keys…

1. A piano keyboard (we use a MADEKEY K80)

2. A piano (we use a FINGERKEY K70)

3. An acoustic guitar (we use a FINGERkey U65)

4. A piano-style keyboard (we use an MADEKEY K50)

5. A MIDI drum set (we use FINGERkey K50)

6. A drum set (we use K-POPKAMP USB USB-MIDI-TOSHIBA)

7. An acoustic piano (we try MADE KEY MZ-PX4)

8. A DAW

9. A piano (we use FINGERKEY K80)

10. A MIDI controller (we use a FINGERKEY U65)

11. A DAW

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12. A MIDI controller

13. A DAW

14. A pedalboard in a MIDI controller

15. A DAW

16. A piano (we try MADEKEY K50)

This is all you need to make it.

Here is what they look like if you want to learn a piano over a drum kit…

How to learn piano easily (on my PC) – with an acoustic piano

This is how you make it… I am going to focus on learning piano on my Mac so you can use any MIDI keyboard on your Mac.

How to learn piano easily (on a Mac)

1. Download and install Ableton Live.

2. Start Ableton Live. It’s free!

2. Open Preferences.

3. Add the following settings to the bottom:

– Sound (your MIDI controller) must be there too (optional).

3. Click OK.

4. Go into the GarageBand/Deejay folder.

5. Open the “Sounds” folder.

6. Drag the MIDI controller you are going to assign to the computer’s microphone to the sound button.

7. You should see it on the track in GarageBand/Deejay.

8. Now close GarageBand/Deejay.

9. Open Ableton Live.

This is everything.

To learn piano over a drum kit


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Do you need 88 keys to learn piano? – Piano Lessons
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