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The same for chess, algebra, algebraic geometry or geometry? That’s what it means – you need the number of keys necessary to execute the task. If you didn’t know what you had to do in order to do it, you couldn’t do it. You’d never know.

On the other hand, we often ask ourselves “where should I take the money?” and there isn’t any answer to this question. Instead, in modern education, the answer is “you shouldn’t need to take it anywhere”. For instance, in our modern world, what is the value in taking the money of your country to pay for schools, medical care etc.?

In modern education, the question of where money goes is actually the wrong question. It’s about what the values of society are. It’s more about giving an answer to where the money should go than where the money should go.

Now, with this concept, I can easily conclude that we need to “bring the money to the school”. Of course, I don’t mean sending the money to the schools for some time-consuming operation, or sending the money to a charity. I mean that it would be reasonable to ask the government, through a lottery – the government should create a random allocation of the money to the different schools – they should decide. Then in our society, the money that would be collected should be sent back to the students.

Here is the relevant quote from the paper The Ethics of Random Money Distribution (2011):

[A]n important issue is whether the money should be distributed to all the children or divided among children according to some criteria. (…) The distribution of money to children depends on how the society defines money and who is expected to manage the economic process. Should we expect the parents to earn money in order to save it for their children and to pass it on to their children? What about people who want to help their children, but do not have any money? How much should they be allowed to take? What criteria should they apply in choosing these criteria?

This paper shows that an educational system is based fundamentally on the “best possible” allocation. This means you are basically following the best possible theory, the best possible distribution theory.

Let’s go one level deeper. Even the random distribution approach is flawed if your goal is for the distribution of the whole student population to be evenly distributed. The main problem with random distribution theory is that it makes it impossible to allocate resources to the population according to

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Do you need 88 keys to learn piano? – Learn The Piano Keys Game Free
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