Can you learn piano without lessons? – How To Learn Piano In Hindi

Bobby Liebling, Piano Teacher at the New York Philharmonic in 1939

When he was a young lad, Bobby Liebling was a virtuoso musician. At the age of 14 he had already passed the “Beginner’s Level” in learning the fundamentals of playing and playing standards on the violin, and at 19 years old he had already been playing for two years and had completed a “Perfect” Level in playing. For both the violin and the keyboard Liebling was a virtuoso pianist – he had played the piano for eight concerts in his native Germany, including an impressive 4 concert tours (the first one at Heidelberg in the 1820’s) before a tour with the German Chamber Orchestra with the British Royal Philharmonic.

Even after being trained by the renowned German masters, and gaining the trust of the most eminent concert masters of Europe, Bobby didn’t play and compose for many years. When he finally did start to play a musical piece for the first time in 1920, he was only able to play two short pieces, the first at 22 and the second at just 28. As the following photos show, even at Bobby’s peak musical ability, some of the “easiest” pieces are pretty complex.

(Photo at right: Bobby Liebling teaching the piano in Munich after a show at the old Stendal Hall.)

(Photo at right: A clip on the piano at the Royal Philharmonic in Germany in 1922.)

(Photo at right: Bobby Liebling, from left to right: Peter Paul Rubens, Paul Hindemith, Alfred Schnittke, Wilhelm Erhardt, Carl Maria von Weber, Hans-Rudolf Schachinger, Fritz Tietz)

(Photo at right. Note the black and white photo of the piano by Carl Maria von Weber.)

(Photo at right: At the age of 26 Bobby Liebling shows how he started to play: a “bunchy” “P-F” piece. Note the fact that the keys lie back at his hands, so that he is not holding the “A” in a “V” position anymore. This is an early example when he would use the “A” as part of the note that would become the sound of his “A-sharp” chord as well as the sound of his “flat A-D” chord. If he were to play these chords, he would hold the “A” in the “P” position

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Can you learn piano without lessons? – How To Learn Piano In Hindi
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