Can you learn piano in a year? – Piano Lessons For Adults Beginners Near Me

You can’t,” she says. “There are certain things that would help tremendously. I would love to learn music. I just go to the studio, and I get there. And I really want to know what the difference is between this and this, and if it makes sense to do it again.”

She also says that she has found the piano to be incredibly useful to her as she works toward her degree in political science, and for teaching her son to read.

“With an orchestra playing, it feels like you’re part of the world,” she says of the experience. “The way that I have to work to do that is by playing piano. It’s also helped me as a teacher. We’ve given him various music texts to read as a book.”

But beyond being able to play a different instrument, Kavanagh says she has found her music-writing has taken off again.

“I would not be the best person to talk about the art I have been working on, but it’s certainly gotten easier – a lot easier to work on it now.”

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Can you learn piano in a year? – Piano Lessons For Adults Beginners Near Me
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