Can I learn piano on my phone? – Learn Piano Homebush West

We don’t currently offer professional lessons, but we are willing to train you in any of the various styles you are interested in! If you do need a bit of piano practice, we have a set of free piano lessons that are designed for students of all ages. Check out a few of the free lessons that have been created just for you!

Does the piano in The Piano in Los Angeles come with keys?

Yes! As a public school, when the school year starts, all children are enrolled in the same class. Thus, we don’t have any children’s keys for you to play on. So if you want to practice guitar, bass or piano or do both at a great price, you are welcome to the entire school!

What is the piano setup like in the school in Pasadena?

Our school, like our neighbors, features a small piano in the main room that children sit in whenever they want to practice. We also incorporate a separate piano in our library that children can play with other children of any age, free of charge.

We also provide a very well-stocked library at the piano in Los Angeles that includes a large selection of instruments from around the world.

Can I have a teacher to help me?

Yes! We will be happy to arrange a lesson anytime, from the moment you arrive until the end of the session or until we decide it is no longer convenient for our families. If you are interested in an appointment, please email or call (424) 864-7526.

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Can I learn piano on my phone? – Learn Piano Homebush West
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