Can I learn piano on my phone? – Can You Learn To Play A Piano Without A Piano

Yes, and it’s totally worth it if you don’t have the time and money to buy a piano. Not only will learning a new instrument give you a unique perspective on how things sound, but you’ll also have a way to use your phone as an instrument at home when necessary.

2. Take a nap

As a piano player, I get to use my phone as a nap aid, and you can too. When we learn a new piece, I often take my phone with me. This way, when I wake up in a hurry, I can immediately access music on my phone and then play along with the music from my laptop or laptop speakers.

This also gives you the ability to practice while you take a nap.

3. Turn your phone off

Just like we’re supposed to do at home, we’re also supposed to turn off our phone when we leave our home. I often keep mine turned off so sometimes when I’m gone for a while, I still get to turn it on with Spotify on Spotify on Spotify on Spotify.
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As musicians, you’re expected to be active. Don’t be that lazy.

4. Read the new music

The last reason I like not having my phone on all the time is to read the new music. I’ve learned that if I can read the lyrics first and then pick apart the music, I find it easier to understand the song, and can get to a better sense of the melody and the songwriting than just listening to the melody from the album.

5. Play music on the couch

If you have a laptop and you’re not playing music you’re excited about on it, there are a few things you should consider. One, it may be a distraction. And two, you’ll probably start to lose the connection to the music. Even in a quiet room, you’re still playing with yourself.

6. Use Google to find music

You’re gonna use this tool. It’s not a replacement for the other tools on your phone, but if you find your music in a playlist, a tab on your phone, your favorite song on the radio or a playlist from iTunes or whatever other music discovery tool you use, you can immediately hear it and know you’re not being lazy.

If you don’t have a Google account, there’s still a website called YouTube Music Key, but it’s not as reliable as Google or any other music discovery tool. It’s

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Can I learn piano on my phone? – Can You Learn To Play A Piano Without A Piano
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