Can I learn piano at 30? – How To Learn Piano Reddit


What is your favorite music genre? Do you have a favorite album, artist or music genre?

I love to listen to a wide array of electronic music and have listened to a number of great artists. This is the genre that we all came up with: EDM. I enjoy listening to a lot of jazz, hip hop, pop, rock, and I think that’s also an attractive element to our music, but if you’ve got a jazz lover, I think that’s the genre you’d like, because it’s jazz inspired.

Do you play any instruments?

I am very happy to learn how to play the piano, but I am not a very good pianist.

Do you travel for music or study abroad?

Yamaha Piano | England Piano
I do, but only after I’m settled in New York.

How about your favorite food?

I enjoy Italian food, and I love a great pasta. The kind that’s cooked medium rare. The best Italian I’ve ever tasted. I usually eat at a really great restaurant, and I am always shocked when I go off by myself, because there’s no one in front of me with a good dish or wine.

You met Michael Lacey when he was just a teenager. Were you friends before?

Yeah, that’s when he broke up with his girlfriend, and we became fast friends. But he wanted to be a writer and I was like, “He’s great. We should work together.” We met at the New School, where our classes were close together and it became like a new social group. We still talk today.

Would you consider yourself gay?

[Laughs] Not really. There are more female artists who have been gay. My husband and I would never say that we are homosexual.

Were you ever in a relationship with one person? How was it?

I was pretty happy in a couple of these relationships. I’m a little more independent than a lot of people, but I’m kind of spoiled now that I’m having a kid. The first relationship that I was in was with this wonderful person in Toronto. We met when she was working at this bookstore that I knew through the New School. He’s an amazing person. He’s very smart, very nice, very kind.

Are your parents very accepting?

I’ve heard they’re definitely supportive of me. My mom’s kind of a weirdo, and we have to

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Can I learn piano at 30? – How To Learn Piano Reddit
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