Can I learn piano and violin at the same time? – Online Piano Lessons Free

Absolutely! Learn at either the same times.

What are the differences between violin and piano?

Although they are similar instruments, they are very different.

In violin or guitar, the notes are played on a single note. Each note has a weight in relation to the one played on it, so when you play one note, it feels heavier than in the case of Piano. These differences allow you to play melodies and chords without needing to slow down your playing tempo.

Learn your music as if you were playing it live. This way your fingers stay on the piano keyboard to play along with your song; your neck stays on the string, providing a better, more comfortable playing surface for your ears.

A federal law enforcement officer stands guard next to a truck carrying stolen truck parts after the vehicle was found abandoned in an area of San Jose near Market St. Friday Sept. 30, 2016. (Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP)

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) — A man who was taken into custody after a truck carrying stolen motor vehicle parts was found abandoned Friday in San Jose after an hourlong chase on Interstate 580, according to San Jose police.

An officer stopped a truck with three loaded loaded handguns and seven loaded loaded rifles in a truck bed with no license plates after an hourlong search, according to San Jose Police Lt. Jason Horner.
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One of the guns in the truck belonged to a San Jose man who was on his way from Sacramento to San Jose to attend a funeral, Horner said. He had no money on him, so he stole some for himself that had been returned to him by his girlfriend.

The two remaining loaded firearms belonged to the man and two San Jose residents who were trying to go to the funeral together.

The truck’s driver — who was never caught — was able to pull off I-580 into San Jose and return to the scene because he was armed with a shotgun, Horner said. The driver ran over the San Jose woman, and when her boyfriend drove onto his highway, he had to make a U-turn.

The truck driver fled the scene on foot and was taken into custody by San Jose police, but no weapon was found.

After the man was arrested, police also searched several homes and vehicles associated with the theft.

(Copyright 2017 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Associated Press contributed to this report.)

A judge has ordered the government to release medical records

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Can I learn piano and violin at the same time? – Online Piano Lessons Free
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