Can I learn piano and guitar at the same time? – Learn To Read Piano Notes Pdf


Can I take lessons? We don’t teach anything. Please don’t ask!

What kind of musical instruments do you offer? It’s not all the same. We have lots of different instruments but we try to make our music approachable to everyone.

Where is the best place to listen to music? In the morning, after school:

Can I play an instrument? No! We are strictly for beginners.

Can I see or learn a song at any time without any time limit or payment? No!!! However, if you’re feeling good on a particular song you can buy it at our booth for free!

I need another instrument, what do you give me? We don’t give you any instrument. We take your ideas and try to use them!

Piano Chords For Beginners - The Easiest Way To Form Any ...
Can I buy and sell instruments? No! There’s no “selling” or “buying” in this shop. We’re not asking or demanding anything other than that people enjoy playing music! If you find a good instrument or an amazing one, we’ll give you two hours or your money back. It doesn’t matter if you decide to keep it, sell it again or trade. We like to play music and we believe it’s ok to take a break from it.

Can I go to the shop, leave my computer there and come back later? We’ve got a lot of space here! However, you’ll need your computer to play! So, if you don’t have an internet connection, or are busy with other things, check out Free.

Do you have any kind of support for artists? Yes, you should check us out and support the music you love, so please check the links above! We have a lot of support for musicians and artists.

Can you introduce my friends to music? If you find a good instrument – or an awesome one you like – you can donate it to our donation station with no restrictions or requirements. If your favourite record is on sale, you can show a bit of support to it by buying it at:

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Can I learn piano and guitar at the same time? – Learn To Read Piano Notes Pdf
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