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The New York police union has called for the termination of the city’s top cop for taking a $2,000 trip to the Caribbean island of St. Thomas for a fundraiser. The trip, made by Lieutenant Peter Newell, the commander of the precinct where he works in the District, was first reported by Politico.

The officers and community organizers were asked to attend a fundraiser held in the town of Saint Thomas for St. Thomas University, which is headed by a non-voting professor. The trip was paid for by the mayor of St. Thomas, who was also on the trip.

“When I joined the NYPD, I came in with a heavy heart. One of the reasons I joined the NYPD was the expectation of having my family protected,” said Newell. “I think any member of the NYPD should be able to feel safe and welcome both in and out of uniform.”

The union’s president, Patrick Lynch, said that Newell “appears to be abusing his duties,” and he was calling for the department’s Internal Affairs Department to be involved.

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“I hope the Internal Affairs Department takes the time to investigate this troubling episode,” said Lynch.

The union was one of four to send a letter to Mayor de Blasio after the trip was reported.

“The rank and file on the force believe it would have been much better if Officer Newell would have done what every other police officer in New York does when he goes to a charity event: he came prepared,” said Lynch. “The fact that he did not show up to that event does not justify him taking an inappropriate vacation.”

The mayor told reporters that the trip was “not reflective of the department.”

“We welcome all public officials to participate in fund-raisers for city institutions,” Mayor de Blasio said. “But we have been clear that when that participation takes place in conjunction with political activity, there is no place for it.”

The Democratic candidate for NYPD Commissioner is Patrol Officer Dante Servin, a 30-year veteran of the force. Servin was honored

Can an older person learn to play piano?
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