Can an older person learn to play piano? – Where To Place Fingers On Piano

I want my student to play piano by themselves, but not on their own by themselves.

I want my student to play keyboard and then to use their hands to play a chord sequence on the keyboard.

I want my student to play it on their own, not to play together on a keyboard

I want my student to sing (with the appropriate accompaniment on the piano).

I want my student to talk to me (with the correct accompaniment).

Doesn’t this change the overall rhythm?

My student has had little to no experience of rhythm in their life before beginning piano. They don’t know where to begin, and may be confused by the many techniques involved in learning to play. I believe that it’s important for them to have some basic knowledge before we begin teaching them to play a piano.

How can I make my student start from scratch?

I want my student to have an understanding of the music and its movements which they previously learned at an older age. I have used my example songs to introduce students to how to play. Some students may prefer to start from what they learned first instead of doing what they like. However, if some students don’t like what they are hearing with the melody, then that is OK. This is called musical training.

Do I have to explain the piano theory to my students?

No! In fact, I may have to explain it because I’m teaching how to read music (that is, how to play musical notes), or because the student is a beginner at the piano. My teaching style is to be open-minded and explain how the piano works, even if that explains different instruments.

Will my student be stuck?

It’s important for my student to have some idea of music theory, but it is important for them to have some understanding of rhythm, as there need be more than four keys (i.e., five musical keys). At the beginning of our lesson, I’ll ask students to practice playing the melody with a metronome, so they know that they can play the melody when I tell them to. This is a great way to develop a rhythm awareness and understanding of the music. When you can read the music so clearly, then you’re able to read it more directly and to play it quickly.

My student isn’t interested in music theory. What’s wrong with them?

Most students struggle with learning piano. It is a difficult and demanding

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Can an older person learn to play piano? – Where To Place Fingers On Piano
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