Can an older person learn to play piano? – Top Free Learn Piano App Microsoft

When I was 18 my family made us go to a music school (which was a good idea because I didn’t know how to play anything – like drums or vocals or anything). We went to a place where we got to take piano lessons for only 50 bucks a day, and so after a couple of weeks we were all like, “Oh, we’re great at playing the piano! This is fun.” We were actually teaching our parents, and I was the only one who was even allowed to play music. I remember, one time he was sitting in front of me and he was playing for me and he started telling me stuff he’d learned about jazz.

And he got this huge smile on his face. He was like, “You know it’s not important, it’s not even good jazz. It’s not real jazz.” To which I was like, “Listen, you play this guitar? I can’t play it.” He looked at me and was like, “Yeah, and you play the bass? What you mean?” I just couldn’t play either. I was like really out of my element. [Laughs] So he was like, “Let me teach you.”


He’d just been working at a computer and he was like, “Let me teach you.” He had this big big smile on his face, and I thought, “This is gonna be cool. I’m gonna play jazz.” I was so embarrassed because that’s how I felt the first night. Then he’d come over and we’d pick up where we left off, because we were so good at jazz. [Laughs] I think I actually did the whole thing one night on piano after I just said, “I don’t know how to play.”

The thing is, there’s such a thing as having enough skills. That’s what I’m not afraid to say, and it’s not that I’m afraid of learning anything, but I don’t have any particular goals in terms of what I want to do. I like to play music, but not that much. I like to listen to music, but I don’t really think I play music. I really enjoy watching movies. I’ve also been learning my mother tongue – Italian – which is pretty cool.

The first thing he taught me was to read and speak Spanish. I learned on the first day, and I don’t think I’d been allowed to speak French to anyone other than my parents up until that point, but he

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Can an older person learn to play piano? – Top Free Learn Piano App Microsoft
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