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Did you get rid of that last horse? He went and got himself slaughtered.”

Sidney J. Boudrias: “Well, my fellow brethren, I hope you are well satisfied at the prospect of obtaining some of the lands and estates of your brethren. Let me give you an example to show you how a person of rank is entitled to a share of your riches in this manner:

I was in this place when my brother, who was at St. Anne’s, had been assassinated by a band of soldiers, and he had taken refuge in this place. This being my brother’s end, I was appointed to find the body. Upon my arrival I found a great number of officers of all levels, and a large number of soldiers, all under arms; but, to my consternation, the bodies were not disinterred, and so it was believed that one had been killed.

There I found the body of my brother, and it is supposed had been dead only two or three days before it was found. However, I was anxious, and made a search among the dead bodies; no person was to be found who had not been under arms, and I went to the place where I discovered it; here was a large body of persons, all under arms.”
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John L. Bousquet: “When a war is fought, and the soldiery, in the execution of their duty, engage in great disorder and fight among themselves, it is very likely that one will take off his arms, and in great disorder, some other will take them off and take them off another’s; and, of course, many of the soldiers are killed; this is known to the soldiers, is a fact known by those who have seen it happen, and it is very hard to get off them, they being under the necessity of killing one another in the same manner, or of killing one another if there are no other means. When these men are killed, the blood is collected and scattered, and the soldiers take care to cut up the bodies and scatter the ashes over the fields.

The people go from place to place, and take off the arms, and others carry them off that are near them. It is a fact also, that where a body of soldiers has been, it will often not be found; and even if it were found, it is not known whether the dead soldier will be identified or not.”

Henry S. Boudrias: “My fellow

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Why does my horse rear? – Horse Racing News And
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