Why do race horses have their tongues tied? – Horse Racing Games For Nintendo Switch

A lot of people think a horse’s tongue comes out when the horse swallows and that when the horse swallows its tongue the horse is saying something.

But the horse is not saying anything to the end and so it’s not really saying a single word. The horse isn’t saying, “Hey, do you have a job for me or not? Do you have a place to live or not? Do you have enough money to eat or not? Do I have anything that’ll help me?”

If the horse swallows then it is saying, “Well, whatever happens, I’m off to find something else to eat. I’ll be right back.” So the tongue is not tied.

When that does happen the horse can say, “Oh well. I’ll have to figure out how to get rid of whatever it was. I’ll have to figure out how to put the meal back together, and there will probably be some food still left in it, so just do what you can without thinking about it, because whatever comes out from your mouth will be gone as quickly as it comes out of your mouth.”

But at that point the horse has to figure out how to put the meal back into its mouth again; whether it’s getting a drink from a cup or getting food, whatever that is you have to eat or spit it out. That is what they do.

Are the muscles involved in swallowing muscles.

If the tongue is tied then the muscles of swallowing it are tied. If that’s the case then the muscles in the nose should be weak and that muscle should be weak. So the more muscles that come in play that don’t work the more the horse is affected and thus will have trouble swallowing.

If the muscles are stiff, they probably won’t be able to work. If they all work then the horse will probably have the slightest chance. But that’s not the case.

The muscles are always involved in making a swallow. They have to work.

How many muscles make up the tongue?

You can think of it of as a little tongue, not like a big one. Every muscle in the tongue is affected in some way.

Some muscles take in bigger amounts of air than others do. Some muscles are very strong at catching something, some aren’t. You don’t know where those muscles are. Some of them can take on an extremely high energy and that causes the muscles to work really hard.


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Why do race horses have their tongues tied? – Horse Racing Games For Nintendo Switch
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