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The short answer is that if there is a tongue tied behind the gaff, a rider will have one less horse to ride for that match.

Longer answers…

If you ask, someone who has ridden many race horses, they will tell you that, if you do not tie the horse’s tongue in a knot with the horse’s tongue, you will have to wait until the trainer or handler has a chance to pull your tongue back out from beneath a hoof.

It may be that they feel like you will be riding more quickly if you tie it in the proper place, and if you do that well, you will have fewer horses in the air. You certainly do not need to have the horses tied when you are not going to be able to pull it back out later on.

Also, it depends on how fast the horse is going (more horses on the ground will take longer to pull and/or pull your tongue out). If you have one of those ‘fast’ horses, you may have to wait longer before pulling the tongue out. The good thing about making a ‘quick’ decision is that when you pull the tongue out, you just have to give the horse one more try to see if you are right, but you can go back home and get a better decision if you are already convinced.

One way to make this decision easier is to have one horse tied in a way you know is the best for riding the horse. If that horse is not tied, you do not really need to think about this, because you will never see it in action so don’t worry about it.

But how do you know if you are right? As you will see, this is a tough question to answer when discussing race horses, but here are a couple of things to keep in mind if you are having a hard time deciding:

1. How fast are the horses going?

2. What are they called?

You will probably hear the horse’s name at some point and you can guess it. The problem for most people with horses is that, when the trainers are teaching the horse a new trick, they don’t want the same trick repeated unless they have another horse in the air at the time, and the horses’ names and numbers are not always the same. This may seem like a small thing to some people, but it really adds up and has a significant impact on the choices you have to make in regards to tying

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Why do race horses have their tongues tied? – Horse Racing Betting Tips For Today
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