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We can only answer these questions a few days ahead of the US Cup race.

We need information on the weather and the level of competition. This means that if you are in the USA during the weekend of the race then your best bet is to ask us a lot about:


Where? When?

Weather prediction

Sites where and by whom forecasts are made

Weather information on race sites

How far and fast can you go?

How much distance can you go?

The races are going to be fast, hard-fought and unpredictable but it’s important that you can be accurate with the information you have. It’s going to be a race not just for the record books but for the hearts of racetracks across the USA.

We will only be able to give you detailed advice on weather in the US. We can give you a general idea of how long the race is going to be, the track conditions and how much time you need but without knowing the actual weather we wouldn’t be able to give you an accurate answer. If it’s sunny it’s probably not going to be a good race!

A big shout-out to the teams who run horse racing in the US. We won’t be able to give you any real information but we’ll give you plenty of advice on what to do and what the weather will be like.

What to wear

Some things are best left for another article. But if you haven’t been out in the USA, we can help you with these tips. The best way to make sure you are comfortable in riding suit, if you can’t afford them, are comfortable shoes. If this is not available – buy them online.

How to drink

We’ll be drinking plenty of water and tea throughout the race so there isn’t much need to drink any before the race. If you don’t have a water bottle to keep you hydrated we recommend that you drink plenty of herbal tea.

What to wear

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In the US we recommend wearing your shirt, vest and boots. The best thing to do before the race is get some fresh air. There is not much shade on the race course, although it’s not totally oppressive either (more on this later). If the weather is going to be nasty, we recommend wearing a wind breaker and long sleeves – so your sleeves are facing you rather than the other way around.

Ties are also important.

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Who is the best newspaper horse racing tipster? – Horse Racing Nation Free Pps
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