Who is the best horse racing tipster? – Horse Racing Nation Derby Contenders 2016 Kentucky

I’ve read more tips in my time as a horse racing enthusiast than I can count – including some that make no sense. Here are my top five horse racing tips that I thought were the most insightful.

1. Buy a book on horse racing and take it with you.

Horse racing has been around for centuries and has influenced the entertainment, science and politics of the world. Many of the sport’s players are also horse racing legends whose names still live on in the sport’s lore. I’ve done my best to list them here so you can enjoy them.

2. Keep a horse racing tip dictionary in your bag.

Horse races feature multiple races on a single day. You’ll need the correct dictionary for each race and its size so you can keep track of the times and winners.

Your new copy of the “Horse Racing Tip Dictionary” (or “Winners Dictionary” in the UK) includes an index with definitions and definitions, and has a section for each race.

Keep the dictionary handy while you’re out on the track and never loose any key details – it’s the difference between a win and a loss on the line!

3. Keep an eye out for race results at local businesses.

I love watching the horse racing news live on TV. Sometimes the horses win or lose and you don’t even get to witness it happening because television cutoffs. You’d think by now they’d have improved those TV channels a bit, but sadly they still go blank as you watch the commercials.

In Australia, there are quite a few local news stations who cover horse racing (I just bought a copy a few months ago, but sadly, I haven’t yet seen any races).

I suggest you head out to either the Horse Racing Channel, Sky News or Good Morning Australia for race results and commentary. Check the TV listings of the respective stations and if in doubt, leave a comment.

Once you’re back on the beaten track, read news stories written by the best horses themselves – this article is a favourite when writing on horse racing.

4. Keep an eye on who’s in the lead.

I’m not a fan of this one. I feel like I’m the last person to give advice. But if there is anything else I can contribute, let me know!

If you’re reading this now, please leave a comment to let me know how you would improve my horse racing tip list.

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Who is the best horse racing tipster? – Horse Racing Nation Derby Contenders 2016 Kentucky
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