Which horse race has the biggest prize money? – Horse Racing Game Board Dimensions

Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

1) 2016 Formula One World Championship

F1 races pay $150m (£99.9m) in prize money, with the top prize worth a staggering $1bn. The winner gets a title, a championship and, if they win it, a record $15m, the most ever paid to a single race winner since records began. The prize money is shared evenly between F1 teams.

2) 2014 World Cup (Japan)

F1 races were not held in the city but there were the usual races held at Suzuka Circuit, so it’s likely to be the biggest race ever. It also brings in some money, with $50m the winner got to make up for the loss of the World Cup.

3) 2014 European Grand Prix (Austria)

This one is even bigger than the preceding one, with the prize money increasing from $30m to $50m for a single winner as well as additional broadcasting rights.

4) 2014 European Grand Prix (France)

At one stage it was thought that this race wouldn’t get the big TV money, but with the TV audience growing with the increase of technology and TV rights the prize money is expected to rise too.

5) 2011 Italian Grand Prix (Italy)

The race won’t change much for people who have been watching the race on TV. But it will increase the prize money paid for a single winner – although this one is still one of the smallest ever.

6) 2011 British Formula Ford Festival (UK)

There are fewer races on this list than in previous years, but as Formula 1 gets bigger there will be more of them. These can raise large sums. There’s just one at Silverstone, so it’s likely to bring in some extra cash.

7) 2010 Grand Prix (Spain)

When this event first started it was thought to be rather cheap, but over the years it has gone up to make up for a lack of television coverage or, as in this year’s edition, the change in television formula that has meant the broadcast of some of the races costs more. It’s certainly one of the largest.

8) 2008 Mexican Grand Prix (Mexico)

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The race, which used to cost several million, is often considered to be the biggest in history, and it is, but we reckon it will also bring in plenty of money, even if it’s just

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Which horse race has the biggest prize money? – Horse Racing Game Board Dimensions
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