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(I am) not a white woman. I am Mexican. I am.

“I am not a person that has lived all my life on an island… That is not an issue.”

She said her father has spent his life speaking up for black and Latino communities.

“No amount of political correctness can change what I’m saying,” she said. “I am speaking from first-hand experience.”

‘We’re all a group of people’

“We’re all a group of people, and we’re very much a part of this community,” she said. “We’re all people. You can’t be a Mexican woman and be a Republican. If I were the Republican nominee, the Republicans would put me on a boat and throw me off when I got to the end of the bridge. That’s just the way I stand.”

In a statement, her campaign said she intends to “continue to speak out for the rights of all women and for the economic and social empowerment of the majority of our people.” The statement cited a list of the first eight candidates she supports that includes Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

Clinton also addressed her daughter Chelsea’s speech at the Republican National Convention, where she referred to black leaders on Thursday as “mammy and daddy.”

“You know it’s no big secret and I don’t need anybody telling me how to talk about it or how to think about it or to do with it. That is the beauty of the Democratic Party and we’re going as hard as we can … that’s my mantra: we are all a part of this community, we’re all united and we all want the same things.”

In the Democratic primary, Trump has faced criticism from some supporters, including actress Hillary Clinton, who said in May that the GOP nominee is “a bigot who has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia.”

The former secretary of state has also been at the center of attacks over her husband’s past sexual indiscretions.

In March, during some of his darkest moments with women, he told Billy Bush in a leaked audio recording that he often forced himself on women and bragged about groping them, according to the New York Times.

Trump also faced accusations last week of making sexual sexual and racial comments at women’s appearances in 2005 and his latest statements are likely going to add fuel to those accusations.

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What race do I put if I’m Mexican? – Horse Racing Tips Today Racing Post
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