What post position win the most Kentucky Derbys? – Northfield Park Horse Racing Live Stream Free Online

— @DU_CK1, on this weekend. What post position gives the most to the defense? — @DU_CK1, for the third week running.

Post position: Kentucky wins a position in the game of the week! (The win is first).

Injuries of Week 5

Purdue DE/LB Jordan Williams is questionable for this week’s game, with the injury designation set at “out.”

Tight end Matt Kalil and guard Sam Tevi have both got their second concussion this year, with Kalil’s on Friday night against the Hawkeyes, and Tevi’s on Friday Night Football against the Raiders in his hometown of San Jose.

Kalil should sit. Tevi should not. This isn’t the same guys, so that’s a big injury. The injury designation doesn’t really tell us much other than the team is expecting Kalil to be out.

We’re going to guess that Kalil is still out for this one.

You know what I’m getting at, dude. You can’t tell me you didn’t know that by now, don’t you?
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In response to being asked what was the one thing he would miss if he were to return to college this year, Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel had this to throw into the mix:

“That’s what I miss most — my mom. I know it’s not easy for her to see me being such a jerk, but that’s the thing my friends and I talked about a lot — ‘Well, you know what? I’m sorry, I can’t say things as rude as the guys in this locker room.’ I think that’s a good lesson for anyone. It’s not easy, it’s not cool. But I also didn’t want to see that happen.

Manziel isn’t the only one who’s had what he calls a “moment of realization” regarding what can go wrong when one becomes a college student. The following is a sample of those who have shared their thoughts:

@karegast4 @Aggie_Manziel you are such a great dude dude. I feel the pain you feel for yourself and your mom. — Josh (@JDJ865) November 22, 2013

@karegast4 u just need to read or watch a little bit of the film. I bet you will think a lot about how u can be so kind again to another

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What post position win the most Kentucky Derbys? – Northfield Park Horse Racing Live Stream Free Online
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