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Naming race horses by gender and color in a way that is gender-neutral and inclusive is a major step forward. This can be particularly important in the racing community, which is comprised of people of many different identities. It is vital to ensure that there are consistent naming conventions and that they are always inclusive (even if someone is a man or a woman) to both the racing and public.

What are the advantages of using gender-neutral names as a general rule?

Naming races by gender is a great way for the public to get to know people and can serve as a way of promoting better and more representative racing. With the right name, a gender neutral name could serve as an effective way of promoting gender inclusive racing. If there are gender-specific names being used by racing, race management may feel that doing away with it would be unfair.

Also, having such names can serve as a powerful reminder for people about social justice and that gender-based inequalities exist. For instance, let’s say that the name of the horse in the race is “Rochester Black Stallion.” It makes readers aware of the history of race horses in the United States (which is a bit difficult to do if the race is in the middle of nowhere).

How do gender-neutral names work in races on the NAP website?

NAP does not currently use gender-specific names in racing. We do not offer racing suggestions or provide gender inclusive names. We are working on ways we can incorporate this type of information into our marketing efforts. We will notify you when we are able to do this.

What are some examples of successful names?

The name “Wendy’s” was used in the 2014 NH4S. This horse was the first horse to win by half a length at the NH400, winning the race by 5 lengths.

The name “Horsey” is used in several races and, while the horse was a bit of an experiment, the name has stood the test of time. It is a reminder that race horses are not disposable.

The horse-named “Roxanne” won the 2006 NH4Y. Her husband, Mark’s best friend, won that race in 2012. When asked about race horses, Mark told the media, “It was like having a baby, and when I told him, he was over the moon.”

Where can I find race results from the past three decades?

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What is NAP horse racing tips? – Horse Racing Entries And Results All Tracks Paddy
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