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As you progress, your character is subjected to more and more dangers and the game feels increasingly dangerous. As you progress, you have access to the standard game mechanics of running, shooting and picking up ammunition and weapons. You also gain access to a wide variety of combat skills that can be used in various situations and to various characters at different points in the game’s progression. Here’s my top five tips and tactics I’ve found useful for making the game more challenging.

1. If possible, create an enemy that doesn’t make any sense.

When you’re playing through the game, it’s easy to get stuck on a character, mission or place as you can’t decide where to go next. Sometimes, a random enemy spawns in front of you for no sensible reason. This is an acceptable tactic and a very useful thing to try and avoid.

The second tactic that will help you get into a rhythm is to always stay in a zone that makes sense. This is important. It can be a specific area on a map or an area of some other kind. It can be something that is obvious, like a group of stairs or a bridge, or something more abstract, like some kind of tunnel.

Make sure that one of the most basic things you can plan is what you want to do when you find an enemy spawn point. In this case, be a warrior or a hunter. Maybe you want to just attack them and run away, or perhaps you want to take them to a higher floor and deal more damage.

Sometimes the easiest place to plan is right in front of you. The same goes for where your next objective will be. Find a way to get to it quickly, while also trying to plan out where you are going next.

2. Make a lot of enemies.

What I love about Fallout is that you don’t have to fight all of the time and usually don’t have any reason for fighting them at all. However, if something goes really wrong and it turns out your opponent can fight, they will turn around and start to fight in another area. For this reason, I try to get as many enemies as possible to fight against. It will be harder and sometimes the enemies will not be that much easier but I really do enjoy fighting more than having them fight to death.

3. Use your ability cooldowns often

Another nice perk of Fallout 4 is that you can use your ability cooldowns on enemies, for example during an encounter.

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What is heavy ground? – Super Bowl Picks And Parlays
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