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Trixie. It’s a phrase used when a player is betting on a certain team (Trixie is a favorite team of most teams.) I think in the end, if a player is betting on themselves, they would win the game no matter what. Trixie bets on herself, it seems like. But we’re not totally sure about that. Trixie’s name is also spelled “Twixie” by some fans on Reddit. I guess it’s because Trixie is the youngest of all the mascots, while Trixie Paws is the oldest.

What should I watch out for? Some teams have better mascots than others. But the mascot that is better than any other is definitely Trixie.

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A teenager who was just a few months away from enrolling in university is dead after he was shot in the face.

The Baltimore County Police Department and the Baltimore City Police Department are trying to uncover why the teen pulled the trigger.

It was one of three fatal shootings in the city in just a couple weeks. In the wake of that violence, the Police Department is holding a series of meetings with college presidents, campus officials and the families to figure out how to keep everyone safe.

In June, 20 year-old Kevin Moore was at the corner of Westview Road and West Mount Vernon Street in Northeast Baltimore when he was shot in the face. His friends rushed to his help.

Police say a fight followed. As Moore was lying in an alley, two shots were fired, one striking his jaw and knocking him to the ground.

Detectives say Moore was the only one at the scene when the fatal shot was fired. Police have yet to identify the shooter.

Police say the killing could have been prevented. Officers say they want to find the gunmen and find out if their gang affiliation was a factor.

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The second murder took place less than a week later Tuesday in the 700 block of West Calvert Street in Northeast Baltimore.

A man was sitting in a car on the sidewalk, when he was shot across the face. His driver was also struck.

Detectives believe the two men knew each other.

Police have also recovered shell casings from either shooting.

So far, three teens have been charged in connection to the double homicide — three-year-old Amadou Di

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What is a Trixie bet? – Horse Racing Tips Today Racing Post
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