What is a soft 6? – Horse Racing Nation Derby Contenders 2016 Kentucky

In this post we are going to discuss our soft 6-2 which is commonly known as the ‘Kanban board”. This is just what it sounds like — we have our 2 main components and then we want to add in any components to form a 6-2 board. Let’s dig in to this board and see how it works.

For the purpose of this discussion, I am going to use our Kanban boards like this:

I have created 6 Kanban boards with my employees to learn from. In each board we will use an example from the Kanban curriculum. They will be numbered according to the Kanban board. Let’s try something with our Soft 6s.

The Soft 6s are simple. They are comprised of the most common Kanban boards and include the most common Kanban component components. To begin, we have an example board that we call a “Todo List”.

You can think of each component in our Todo List as a task, we can refer to these tasks as “Task items”. And when we are done with a Task item, it can be added/removed to an existing task by following these steps:

1. Remove Task From Task List

2. Add Task To Task List

3. Clean Up And Submit List

That’s all it takes to add a Task item. So if a Task item is added to an existing list, you don’t need to remove it from anything. You simply need to remove the task from the current list before you add it to the Task list. This will make sure to add the updated task items to the list when you are done with it. So the next step is to clean up and submit the list.

It’s really simple. Once you are done with the task list, we clean it up by doing 3 simple things, adding an “X” to the end of the list and cleaning up the list. So you can think of this process as clean up to the Task List.

The last part of the process that is required is submitting the list of tasks to its “Owner”:

And of course, we have to do all of this in our web browser, right?

Okay, before we get to the real fun stuff, I like to have my employees review the “Tasks” list from a “Presentation perspective”. (If you do not use a Presentation perspective, follow this blog). So we’ll start with the

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What is a soft 6? – Horse Racing Nation Derby Contenders 2016 Kentucky
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